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Capture the essence of a Witchy Valentine magic with this elegant art print.
This enchanting artwork invites you into a world of love potions and spells, where each delicate detail tells a story of love. Adorn your space with the bewitching beauty of a Witch in Love, dressed in a starlight dress, writing a love letter to her beloved Vampire.

A Witch in Love - Witchy Valentine February theme - Art Print 2 sizes

  • Size : 

    • Option 1 : A6
    • Option 2 : B5


    Design options : 

    • January Title
    • Without January Title

    Material : 240gsm Semi-matte Premium paper

    Designed and produced by Runa Mareuty

    ✧ Important Notes ✧

    • Please note that color on images may vary from monitor to monitor due to photographing, lighting and screen settings.
    • Product colors may also vary slightly due to the manufacturing/printing processes.
    • Minor errors may be possible as these prints are handmade.
    • Avoid direct contact or proximity to flames.


    Send a message, if you have any questions, I would love to help! 

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