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Become part of the Faeries' Guild!

If you are considering becoming a Faerie ambassador for Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest, you have come to the right place.

Below you can find all the important info to know about the program including the terms you will be agreeing to if you are selected,

so read carefully!


Faeries' Guild Program

The Faeries are the special ambassadors who will help raise awareness of Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest Products throughout social media.

For this program, I am looking for very engaged scrapbooking and journaling artists who have a genuine interest and love for my products and who are willing to become true brand representatives.
This program is meant for you if you have a minimum of 10k followers on any social media and if you would like to receive new products on a monthly basis together with a commission on every sale generated.


Program Outline:​

  • Duration of the program is 2 months with possible renewal

  • 2 options to choose from based on your preference.

  • Open Internationally

  • Receive new products every month

  • Post a minimum of 4 times per month

  • Promote shop and products with an individual coupon code

  • Receive a commission on the sales you generate

What I'm looking for:

  • Social media user on any channel (Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube etc)

  • Minimum following of 10K on main channel.

  • Post 1x+ times a week

  • Tagging and mentioning where the products come from

  • Genuine interest in Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest Products and ready to become a true Fairy Ambassador!

  • Last but not least, Fairytale and Magical things lover! :) 


2 Options to choose from: 

1. Treasure Chest Bundle Ambassador

        Receive the full Journaling and Scrapbooking Bundle every month.  
        This option is available internationally.

2. General Shop Ambassador

 Receive Shop products including exclusive new     

items and seasonal arrivals.                     

       This option is available internationally.           


What you will be getting:

  • 2-month worth of shop products for free, including shipping

  • A unique coupon code for yourself and your followers giving 10% off the shop.

  • Become part of my small community, get to know each other and receive support and love!

  • Creative freedom: you are free to create in your own style and with the media you like

  • Semi-monthly follow ups with me, receiving updates on your performance, advice & recommendations for improvements, updates on Runa Mareuty's new arrivals and products/events to promote

  • After the 2-month period, the Ambassador with the highest number of sales generated by their code, will win a Personalized Treasure Chest Bundle!

  • After the 2-month period you are eligible to renew for another term if you generated at least 10 sales with your code

What you are required to do :


  • Post a minimum of 4x per month

  • Post 1 unboxing upon receipt of (each of) your package(s) (counts as part of the below requirement)

  • Post 2 creative posts using the items you received exclusively

  • Post 1 additional post of your choice (product review, lifestyle, product photography, creative post mixed with other brands)

  • the same photo or video posted on several social media only counts as 1 post

  • posts must be permanent (e.g. stories do not count as a post, although they are welcome as an addition!)

  • Create quality content with our products being the centre pieces of your creations.

  • At least 2 of the 3 creative monthly posts are required, use our products only and exclusively (no mix with other brands products)

  • The remaining posts can include other products but Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest products should still be highly visible and a main part of the post

  • Be responsive to our email communications and feedback on performance.

  • Do your best to be an ambassador for the brand, highlight the products clearly, providing a link to the shop, responding to comments on your posts etc.

  • Do your best to achieve the target of 10 sales generated with your code in the 2 months period

Ready to become a Faerie Ambassador?

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Main Social Channel I will use for the program
Second Main Channel I will use for the program (if any)
How often do you post?
Have you ordered from Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest before
Which option are you applying for?
Do you commit to posting Runa Mareuty's Treasure Chest content at least 4x a month and sharing links to your posts at the end of each month?
Do you commit to sharing Runa Mareuty's website and channel as needed and use your coupon code when posting?
Do you commit to be responsive to feedback and performance received every month?

1. Post 1 unboxing upon receipt of your package(s)
2. Post a minimum of 4x per month for a duration of 2 months
3. Posts must be permanent and links to all posts must be provided at the end of every month
4. We require that at least 2 of creative monthly posts use my products only and exclusively
5. Be responsive to our communication through emails 

Fairy star diecut.png

Your application has been received!

I'll be in touch soon to inform you of the status.
Thank you for your interest in joining the Faeries' Guild!
Wishing you a magical day ahead!

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