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This Whimsical Fox Companion Die-Cut Sticker, a delightful addition to the Fall 2023 Collection! This glossy vinyl sticker is waterproof ensuring its charm can adorn various surfaces like laptops, water bottles, and sketchbooks. Moreover it's made to be "easy peel" allowing you to effortlessly detach and stick it wherever you choose!

Part of The Autumn Witch line, you can craft magical planner spreads by pairing it with the print and sticker sheet from the same line.

Embrace the spirit of fall and share the magic with fellow stationery enthusiasts. This unique die-cut sticker is a wonderful way to bring a touch of whimsy into your life or gift it to someone special in the world of stationery! 🦊🍂✨

Magical Fox Waterproof Easy-peel Die-Cut Sticker

  • Material: Waterproof Glossy Sticker Paper

    Size: 8x8 cm

    ✧ Important Notes ✧

    • Please note that color on images may vary from monitor to monitor due to photographing, lighting and screen settings.
    • Waterproof but NOT dishwasher safe
    • Weatherproof has not been tested. Glossy stickers should withstand water submersion and inks/colors should keep their vibrancy.
    • Avoid direct contact or proximity to flames.
    • Please be aware that the adhesive strength might decrease upon reuse.   
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